The history of Leaving Spirit


Leaving Spirit was founded in 2016 by Charlotte Bohne, Marea Löser, Leo Kürschner, Laurin Seitz and Florian Eppel. After winning the newcomer contest "Enter the Stage" of a local rock organization in 2017 Anton Bohne joined the band to complete the guitar trio. The band played several club and festival gigs in 2017 and 2018 and also two shows at Würzburgs biggest festival "Umsonst&Draußen". Later on in 2018 the debut album, which was released in 2019 was recorded. Laurin and Charlotte left town to go to university as well as Marea, she went to spread the spirit in Australia. Paula Frecot (vocals), Felix Möser (drums) and Linus Glaesemer (bass) joined the band shortly after to recomplete the lineup.

The group decided to rerecord the vocals with new vocalist Paula Frecot and released their 13-track debut album "Things Change" on August 2, 2019. They were featured as "act of the month" on Germany's biggest guitar magazine "Gitarre & Bass" (vol. 09/2019). The band took a hiatus from touring until mid 2020. During that time they released a nine episode video series called the "Acoustic Garden Sessions".

Despite the corona virus pandemic Leaving Spirit played their first tour across Germany in Fall 2020 with stops in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Hannover and Würzburg. The band released several new songs in a live session format in 2021 on Spotify and YouTube. After a reformation in 2021 with new members Maik Wiezorrek on keys, Eric Loeffler on guitars and Amelie Platzoeder on bass, the band is currently planning the release of their new record and a tour for Fall 2022.

Band members

Florian Eppel

Paula Frecot

Maik Wiezorrek


Eric Löffler

Felix Möser

Amelie Platzöder



Former band members


Leo Kürschner

Anton Bohne

Linus Glaesemer

Charlotte Bohne

Marea Löser

Laurin Seitz

Marea Laurin